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    Exclamation Doctor Shares Tips On Shopping & Cleaning Groceries In COVID-19 Pandemic !!!

    Hey SDF Fam,

    Thank God, for Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen and others like him, we can't be too careful during this COVID-19 crisis, especially those of us who are high risk! Please take ALL CDC guidelines seriously: from washing your hands, to not touching your face, down to disinfecting your home and vehicles, being extra careful during grocery shopping, bringing home take out foods, receiving food deliveries, regular mail, packages, and anything thing that enters your home. Also, if possible, do not allow visitors [[including family or friends) to your home as you and your family self-isolate.

    Stay Safe and God Bless You ALL.

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    As an extra precaution, please toss out groceries bags, especially the plastic ones before bringing them into your home. If possible, discard packaging from groceries or other products before storing items in your refrigerator, pantry, or other spaces in your home. Experts caution that the COVID-19 virus stays on a cardboard box for up to 24-hours! and on some surfaces up to 3 days!!!

    Below, is a NYT article with more details on how the Coronavirus is transmitted:

    "How Long Will Coronavirus Live on Surfaces or in the Air Around You?"

    A new study could have implications for how the general public and health care workers try to avoid transmission of the virus.

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    Hi SDF Fam,

    More tips and recommendations from Grand Rapids, Michigan Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen that will help protect us during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more to follow.

    ETA: Many of you are aware beginning this week things will get tough for the entire country, if possible PLEASE stay home this could save your life!!! Please continue to self-isolate, washing your hands, keeping your hands off your face and follow All CDC directives. If you are high risk or over 65 and must go out, please wear a face mask, gloves, a hat or some sort of protective gear for your ears. Remember, the COVID-19 virus enters your body through your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and exchange of bodily fluids. Never keep on clothes for prolong periods of time that your wore outside of your home. When doing laundry, wash clothes in the hottest water possible. Even if you're wearing a face mask and/or gloves please KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE!!!

    Please Stay Safe.

    PSA Package & Delivery Tips for COVID-19 | Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen

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    Those videos are very well presented and very informative. Thanks for posting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
    Those videos are very well presented and very informative. Thanks for posting!
    You're very welcome, Kenneth.


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