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    Repost: Jean Terrell of the Supremes solo show 1984

    The video from the former thread was taken down . Putting it up again

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    I can see you're right on it! Much appreciated. It seems the problem with the synching has been cleared up. I wonder if he'll do that with a few of his other videos.

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    Wow great find! Jean sure maintained her vocal abilities. Great to see Lynda and Mary on stage together. Thanks for posting this gem.

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    part of me thinks this is pretty messy, but a bigger part of me prefers this type of live performance to either the overstaged or same ol' routine ones.

    Crazy that the announcer, when recognizing that Wilton Felder is in the house , then says he's from The Commodores. When he's corrected that Wilton is from The Crusaders, he is more concerned about his flub than making it right .....saying "oh well, you've seen one group you've seen them all!" .....yikes!
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    Thanks! I've only seen a clip or two from this show, which were on the Jean Terrell Through the Eyes of a Supreme dvd. I also enjoyed seeing Mary and Lynda join Jean onstage. It's a shame that Jean only released the one solo album with A&M.


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