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    Amos Milburn - Darling How Long

    Whilst not being a huge fan of blues I found myself drawn to this beautiful song by Amos Milburn. The song predates his Motown period by a good few years but it was re-recorded at Hitsville and produced by Clarence Paul.

    I think it has a beauty that wasn't quite the same with his previous recording of the song but as far as I can tell the Motown version wasn't available on YouTube until now. There's a simplicity about it and you almost feel you're in the same room as the piano which sounds great. I love it but it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Thank you Amos, and Motown for this.

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    What year is this ?
    I have one mp3 from 1963
    from the album The Return Of The Blues timing 3:01


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    This version was recorded in 1962 and released on the album "Return Of The Blues Boss" in 1963. Eleven of the twelve tracks from that album (missing out "Money") re-surfaced on "The Motown Sessions 1962 - 1964" in 1996 along with a further eight previously unreleased Motown recordings. There was a further track from Amos Milburn on the Motown Unreleaased 1964 issue. You may also want to have a look at the Amos Milburn website here .... http://www.amosmilburn.com/motown_sessions

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    thanks mysterys

    So it looks like I have the later one

    I did go to that website



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