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    The temptin ten?

    Let's be producers for a minute...which ten temps songs not released would you have pushed? Born to love you[a killer with eddie and david switching leads]...just another lonely night[paul at his brokenhearted best]...little miss sweetness[sing it david]...who you gonna run to...no more water in the well[only paul could deliver this message]...two sides to love[eddie rapping it down]...cindy[david being david]...i could never stop loving you[blue at his mellow best]...evil woman[nice one dennis]...isn't the night fantastic[very smooth gem from richard]...what cha got?

  2. "Who You Gonna Run To" is a great argument on the side of it's the singer, not the song. In the hands of Mickey McCullers, it's a pleasant, if not memorable song. In the clutches of Paul Williams and the Tempts, it's a pretty fantastic song. Paul wrung out notes and emotions in that song in places you never would have thought possible when you hear Mickey's version (sorry if I'm stepping on any MM fans' toes).

    I'm with you in feeling The Tempt's version could have been a single.

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    My picks:
    "Just One Last Look"
    "That'll Be The Day"
    "Just Another Lonely Night"
    "Forever In My Heart"
    "Last One Out Is Brokenhearted"
    "Happy Landing"
    "We'll Be Satisfied"
    "I Now See You Clear Through My Tears"
    "What Am I Gonna Do Without You"
    "No More Water In The Well"


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