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    Canadian Motown.

    Ive just seen a Canadian copy of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles "Tears Of A Clown" 45 for sale on ebay and the Bside is "The Love I Saw In You"..I was always under the impression that the Canadian releases were identical to those issued in America (apart from label design) inc the catalogue number and B side...does anyone know if any other Canadian releases were issued with different B sides to their American counterparts?...BTW I know it was released here in the U.K with two different B sides...Im just interested in the Canadian releases with different B sides.

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    OOPS wrong place sorry.

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    No! Not to my knowledge. They were usually the same as domestic releases. Phonodisc may have made the decision to change the Smokey and the Miracles single because it was an older recording (from 1967) that found popularity in 1970 (beginning in the U.K.) So they coupled it with another 1967 recording......The Love I Saw in You Was Just A Mirage. I bought a number of Motown/Canadian releases in cut out bins and used record stores back in the day and they were the same as the U.S. releases in terms of songs.

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    The Canadian copy has the same number as the US single, T54199 so probably has the overdubbed drumming. The US issue had "Promise Me" but it does seem that at one time there was a plan to issue it with "The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage". There is a little info on that in The Complete Motown Singles and also on 45Cat - an antry for the Canadian release is below. Maybe, with the J5 recording the song at a similar period to the release of TOAC on single they didn't want duplication or something.


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    Not sure why this thread needs to be in the DRATS forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Not sure why this thread needs to be in the DRATS forum.
    Smokey was good friends with the Supremes, hehehehehehe!

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    lol...mystery singer i have already apologised for posting in the wrong forum...easily done...and thanks guys for the input.

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    Yes that is true lol, good thread either way.


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