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    Shirley Bassey - The italian songs and more

    Well, I know this is not a very soulful threat for this boards, but I hope there is anybody who can help me or give me suggestions. During the new advertising of Alfa Romero here in Germany I discover Shirley´s La Vita, they used the italian chorus in the advertising. I am not a hugh Shirley Bassey fan, but this performance in San Remo 1968 is breathless and very sophisticated, simply amazing. I discover that the 1968er album This is my life recorded in italian as a special version, one side of the LP contains only italian tracks, sadly it would never release on CD. I find out there is only one CD, I think it is a bootleg, produced in the netherlands 1997 with the title "The italian songs and more". I discover a great suprise, she sang "Diamond are forever" (Vivo di diamanti) in italian too. Sadly I search the whole internet, but my only possibility is, to catch the songs from youtube.
    Can someone help me to get the above mentioned CD or give some helpful tips ? It would be great and I am very lucky. Thanks in advance

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    Good luck, Fulfillingness. "La Vita" and the Italian version of "Diamonds Are Forever" were slated for release on a 3-disc compilation in 2012, but it was cancelled, I believe, because EMI couldn't secure the necessary copyright or license for the live recording included in the compilation.

    I would inquire at the DSB fan blog, those folks know everything.


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