While watching the Superbowl last Sunday, great game by the way, there was a play that took place that I missed while watching the game. Later in the telecast there was a reference or two to said play. So when I was watching the highlights later in the evening, I saw the play.

For those who don't know what I'm referring to, there was a play where the 4 Kansas City Chiefs players in the backfield, before the snap of the ball in unison moved into position to begin the play. I smiled because they looked like a Motown group on the American Football field. It is said that this play was previously done in 1948.

During the week, I heard on 2 occasions the play being referred to as the "4 Tops Formation", which made sense as there were 4 players. Just for the heck of it, I looked up said play on Youtube. I am not the techno person that my Main Man Marv2 is, but if you go to Youtube and look up; KC Motown Chiefs, Superbowl Temptations, Patrick Mahomes, you will see a nice little video that has our own Fab Five included in the video which I thought was very well done.