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    Marlon Jackson and early Jackson 5 albums

    Every time I listen to The Jackson 5's "Live at the forum" album that came out in 2010 I'm impressed with how clearly we get to hear Marlon singing back up. I feel like he hardly appears on the Jackson 5's early albums (if at all) and feel sorry for him. I feel we missed out. He could have been given more to sing on those early albums. He managed more than adequate live. He obviously worked hard to overcome his earlier issues with dancing/singing the correct notes that used to earn such wrath from Joe.

    Was the Christmas album the first we got to hear him have his own lines in the studio?

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    I can't really say I felt sorry for Marlon Jackson. He did become a World famous millionaire recording artist as a member of the Jackson 5. I have heard that on the first several singles that he and Tito were not used for vocals, Michael, Jackie, and Jermaine.

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    I feel sorry for him considering him in the context that he was 11/12 years old and his brothers were adding their vocals and he wasn't. Tito can be heard clearly on ABC and other early songs like Standing in the shadows of love. Perhaps Marlon is just buried deep in the mix.

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    Marlon is definitely on Iíll Be There ( the second holding on) and I want to say that he has a solo on I Bet You (ice cream on a red hot stove), but Iím not sure.
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