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    The Music Chronicle 1980

    Fans of Diana Ross may be interested in The Music Chronicle1980. This is the first book in a seriesof year-by-year reviews which documents the best sellers, the major festivalsand tours, the award winners, the films and television shows, the industry’sfinancials, the headline news stories and the unlikely trivia which go togetherto create the vibrant and diverse British music scene.

    With chapters covering Singles, Albums, Live Music, theMusic Industry, Music & the Media, Global Music, Awards and Music People,plus a Review of the Year, the Music Chronicle presents in a series of about200 lists, charts and short articles, all aspects of popular music from asingle year.

    The benefit of hindsight makes it possible to pick out themusical trends of the period, the debuts, break-ups, births and deaths whichhad most impact, and the singles and albums which have endured. The majority of the lists and all of thegraphics have been compiled exclusively for the Music Chronicle, using originalresearch that has sourced information from both contemporary and more recentpublications.

    Diana Ross appears in 19 of the commentaries, tables and graphicsin the book, and The Music Chronicle provides a thorough context surroundingDiana’s UK success in 1980.

    Who were the biggest selling songwriters and producers of1980 ? Which festival had the largest attendance ? What were the critics’ favourite albums ofthe year ? What were the biggestAmerican hits that failed to chart in the UK ? Which artists sold more records in 1980 than they did in any other year? What breakthrough technologies werelaunched that year ? What music was ontelevision at Christmas ? How much ofthe cash spent on an LP went to the artist ? Who are the most successful musical stars that were born in 1980 ? Which Greatest Hits album contained the mosthits ? Which number one single is nowworth £50 ? Which victim of identitytheft was detained on suspicion of fraud ? Which performer on a number one single is the sister-in-law of a memberof Oasis ? Who adapted Shakespeare tocriticise their Government on a hit ? Which best sellers list places the Three Degrees at #1 and AC/DC at #2? What did the Royal National LifeboatInstitute, Chinese literary classics and Fibonacci have to do with popularmusic ? All of these questions areanswered amongst the wealth of information that builds to tell the completestory of popular music in 1980.

    The Music Chronicle 1980 is available for £5.45 + p&pdirectly from the publisher or £5.95 + p&p from eBay.
    e-mail the publisher: musicchronicle@yahoo.com
    eBay link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133265515801

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    Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a copy ofthe Music Chronicle 1980. We have nowdispatched copies to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, aswell as customers in Britain.

    Here are some of the comments about it which have beenposted on various websites and forums:-

    “A great addition to my music book library. The content isoutstanding. I'll happily recommend itto people.”

    “Sean seems to have covered all the important andinteresting musical facts and events of the year very well. I get the feeling Imay be referring to this book often in the future and look forward to seeingother years in the series.”

    “I think what I like best about it is not the pure stats. Thebook eschews what you can find on the internet. The joy is in the value added. So some rather intriguing lists, for examplethe connections of session supergroup Sky, and the reasons behind someotherwise surprising re-issues. The Music Chronicle is, for want of a betterword, whimsical.”

    “I study the UKCharts avidly, but there were many details in the book that I was unaware of. I cannot praise the book enough.”

    “I ordered a copy of this and it really is a fantasticsource of information for the price.”

    “Amazing value and hours of reading and digesting! Couldn't even begin to imagine how much workwent into this!”

    “The 1980 Book is excellent. I highly recommend it, as it iswell worth its price. I urge every UK chart fan to buy the 1980 book. It is agreat addition to any chart books collection.”

    The Music Chronicle 1980 is available for £5.95 + P&Pfrom eBay,

    or directly from the publisher at musicchronicle@yahoo.com


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