Aw, so many podcasts, so little time...
Okay, I promise, no more for today.
Besides, I'm exhausted from all of this cutting and pasting. Where's my wine? (smile)

Berry Gordy's Motown / Let It Roll Podcast (06-03-2019) (54 min)
This week author Andrew Flory joins Nate to talk about his book “I Hear A Symphony: Motown and Crossover R&B.” In this episode, Andrew and Nate talk about the man behind the biggest independent label of all time. Andrew tells us about the method behind Motown's massive success, the songwriters, producers, musicians and singers all led by one genius.
Barney Ales Helps Berry Gordy Build the Motown Empire / Let It Roll Podcast (08-05-2019) (48 min)
This week author Adam White tells Nate about his book "Motown: The Sound of Young America” and his co-author Barney Ales who was Motown's head of sales, collections and Berry Gordy's right-hand man for much of the 1960s.