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    The girl-groups and The Andantes sometimes not completed together...reasons

    Maybe the experts can help me, I īm wondering because sometimes the backround is mixed for example on the Supremes "Misery makes it home in my heart" we have here Mary and one Andante on the records, how many songs exits in this combination ? Were there only Supremes-Songs or other ones with The Marvelettes or MR&TVs ?

    Thanks for your comments

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    You can hear both The Marvelettes & The Andantes doing the exhilarating 'call & response' backing vocals on the chorus of "Knock On My Door".

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    I think thatīs not really the fact, on "Knock on my door" we have two completed groups, The Marvelettes and The Andantes. Iīm interest in the combination one group member and one Andante. I would like to know, why Motown made such combinations, because of the sound, or because the other member of the group was not available. I believe on SITNOFL was only one Andante too, isnīt it or was it the total group ?

    Thanks for your responses

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    I don't know any combinations where there was one member of a group combined with one member of The Andantes on any Motown recordings (although I'm sure that there were examples of this). However, I'm pretty certain that these were decisions made by the producer or producers of a recording session to create a certain sound for the background vocals of a song (or to fill in for a missing group member).

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