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Thread: cancel

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    Right back at cha gorgeous,when it comes to the temptin ones i'm always gonna be in their corner one way or the other.

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    Late for the party as I had no access to the internet over the hew year. Great choice of music.

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    Don't worry 144 we always leave a light on for ya.

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    OK arr&bee, get the pachyderms back and have the cleaners do their thing before Ralph gets back.

    Glad you enjoyed the music 144man! We'll send out an invitation for the next shindig. On the down low of course.

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    There're out,now stu was supposed to handle clean up...stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

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    Ms m,you're so light on your feet pretty one,hehe!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Ms m,you're so light on your feet pretty one,hehe!!!
    Thanks, I think? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    thanks, i think? Lol
    i'm referring to dancing beautiful!!

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    Oh yeah, our dance. LOL....you threw me there for a sec. HAHAHAHA

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    Well looks like we've been renewed for another season..oh wait since no network or cable station has ever heard of us we're safe...carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    I see you ???

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    Well hello,just looking around the place.

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    If anyone is still awake at this hour drop in or out whichever you prefer,but whatever you drop don't drop it on the floor because as you know we don't actually exist so there is no floor and whatever you drop is gonna fall into a bottomless abiss of uncancellation because we can''t be canceled we just well sorta just kinda um well sorta just kinda well you know what i mean,oh don't worry about what i mean just don't drop it on the cancellation floor!!

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    That floor is well and truly flawed!

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    Just like us.

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    I hear that the[fcc]are trying to locate us as folks are picking us up,but there's no signal.

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    How many here want to see serious logical sensible stuff written here starting now?....ok just checking carry on!!!

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    Was that cancel "US" or cancel "U.S."?

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa...they can't cancel[us]or[u.s.]

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    Many have tried; many have failed.

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    There's no cancel button on the keypad.

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    They might Delete us then, or even worse Ignore us.

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    I think it's against the rules to ignore us...i think it's in the constitutional or something!!!

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    The constitutional? My credentials were cancelled and I wasn't allowed into DT's press conference.

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    Don't worry 144,you can always get into greasy grady's.

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    Hey i hear that we're up for an[emmy]for best canceled thread.

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    Only people who never questioned his sanity are the ones drinking his kool aide and the ones that could care less about the rest of us!!!!.

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    Hey beautiful,what did you think of the photo of that [lady????}in the oval office?

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    Naked or Clothe? Either way she doesn't do it for me!

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    Me either. The First Stripper and her anchor baby.

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    When i couldn't get through yesterday,i thought that maybe this was it...whew!!!

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    I blame Donald Trump.

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    Yeah,him and the russians.

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    Maybe not. Remember the Motown group Black Russian?

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    Word on the street has it that there was a crowd of at lease ten folks protesting in front of the condemmed tin shack down in the bowels of da hood...because word got out that this post was originating from there...they wanted the shack to stay but we had to go,tough crowd!!!

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    Are you talking about Shakatak?

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    Or shakawak.

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    Hi gang,well we're back and good as new-opps-err-ahem-hehe..we actually have been here for some time now,as a matter of fact[or fiction]in a survey of the top 90 things to be cancelled we came in at no.100[hows that for being totally discomfibulated]well carry on or carry out or carry in or carry something or other...i'm going over there to carry something!!!

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    Carry doesn't live here anymore...!

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    Oh be quiet and carry something!!!

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    I have enough problems carrying my own weight.

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    Ok,you're excused.

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    Well it seems that we've started a trend..other[canceled]folks are asking us to help em out,such as...rotary phones..black an white tv's..polyester..typewriter ribbons..am radio..studebakers..who knew we would become legends!!!

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    Even my old portable became obsolete.

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    Yep the folks from obsolete want to become-solete again...we are such an inspiration or irritation whichever comes first!!

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    Blimey..This thread still going ? Been away a while ,got lost !
    IRC these 73 ,seventy three ? pages was all Psharks fault back in Nineteen Canteen ! How are you R&B? I see144man and ms-ms are still hanging around too !

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    Someone has to demonstrate that you start new threads at your own risk. From snowballs rolling down the side of a snow-covered hill come mighty oak trees.
    Last edited by 144man; 06-15-2017 at 05:15 AM. Reason: syntax error

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    Another Acorn in the mix then !


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