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    Did anyone see the live performance of good times?

    Here's a clip. A few original cast members were included

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    I watched but I have to admit that I wasn't all that impressed. After the live broadcast earlier this year of ALL IN THE FAMILY and THE JEFFERSONS, I was expecting so much more. But I didn't get it. Many of the lines fell flat and the acting seemed tentative. Maybe if they had picked a different episode it would have come off better.

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    I saw the earlier broadcast where Jamie Foxx (I think it was) forgot his lines and got a cheap laugh out of saying something like, "Oh yeah we're live, aren't we?" To me, it really wrecked the show. You'd think an actor with his experience could have recovered from forgetting his line better than that. It made the live nature of the show just a gimmick really so I wasn't interested in seeing another one.

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    I didn't see it but heard that it wasn't very funny.

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    Heck no,i'll stick to the reruns.

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    They should have picked a different episode

    I was looking forward to seeing Jay Pharoah as JJ but it fell flat for me

    To be fair, JJ was always sort of a ridiculous character but this seemed to be a parody of a parody

    But then itís been ages since Iíve seen an episode, maybe it was spot on

    Nice to see the original cast members

    I think the last thing I saw John Amos in was die hard 2 so was a bit taken aback at how old he looked

    Original Thelma: still hot, that is all (actually not quite all, she should have played Willona)


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