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    Luther's 'This Christmas' - Who Did It Best?

    NOT including Mr. H - who do you think did the next-best version of this wonderful song? Note: Correction of master singer-songwriter with thanks to Sansradio! Regretting my mixed master-phor
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    Do you mean Donny Hathaway's?

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    I like the versions by Diana Ross and Gladys Knight and the Pips. But no one does it better than Donny Hathaway.

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    Chris Brown did a commendable version of the song

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    I love Alexander O'Neal's powerful version.

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    Alexander O'Neal's version on "my gift to you"

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    Did Luther actually record a cover of this song? I'm sure Luther's was called "This Is Christmas"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    Do you mean Donny Hathaway's?
    OOPS! Yes - mixed up my icons! See revision and thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexstassi View Post
    Did Luther actually record a cover of this song? I'm sure Luther's was called "This Is Christmas"
    My error! Sorry - indeed Donny Hathaway's masterpiece.

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    I'm partial to Aretha's version, with the fun spoken intro.

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    Honestly, none of the covers match up to it.

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    Mr. Hathaway. PeriodT.

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    Other than the Donny’s original I always liked the temptations version


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