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    Some temptin-what if's......?

    Let's have some temptin fun,my temptaholics,now we've discussed temps-b-sides-album filler of course,now what i'm asking is which ones do you really believe could've been major hits[million sellers]if released as the a-side of a single -here's my list...sorry is a sorry word[david kills it]..two sides to love[eddie at his best]..what love has joined[yes i know that mary wells did it first,but the temps did it best]..no more water in the well[the great paul doin it]..little things[dennis and the fellas having fun]..i could never stop loving you[the romantic blue-atlantic released the wrong single]..baby,baby i need you[berry shoulda pushed this one on it's own]..well that's my take,what cha got??

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    I think three unreleased cuts could have been A-side major sellers: We'll Be Satisfied, That'll Be The Day and Last One Out Is Brokenhearted and maybe A Tear From A Woman's Eye

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    As you already mentioned..."Sorry is a Sorry Word"

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    I love "You'll Lose a Precious Love," 1966 and "What Love Has Joined Together," Eddie, Eddie, Eddie that voice, the lyrics and harmony.

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    Forever In My Heart and That'll Be The Day for me.

    I would have reserved We'll Be Satisfied for Marvin & Tammi with them re-recording it in Detroit with a more effective backing track.

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    Good question arr&bee. My picks are:
    "Just One Last Look"
    "That'll Be The Day"
    "I Couldn't Think Of A Thing At All"
    "Message From A Black Man"
    "Sorry Is A Sorry Word"
    "We'll Be Satisfied"
    "Last One Out Is Brokenhearted"
    "Just Another Lonely Night"
    "Isn't The Night Fantastic"

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    Thanks motown eddie-of course the very,very cool[just another lonely night-paul williams forever]

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    How could i leave out...born to love you,which was the first trade off lead with eddie and david,with guest vocalist-jimmy ruffin.

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    I think "Just To Keep You In My Life" from 1984 would have been a good single... it has that lovely Earth, Wind & Fire groove to it


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