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    Dionne Warwick: Déjà Vu – The Arista Recordings (1979-1994)

    Dionne Warwick: Déjà Vu – The Arista Recordings (1979-1994)
    12CD Boxset
    Soul Music Records SMCR5189BX
    Released February 28, 2020.


    It's just over 40 years since global music icon Dionne Warwick signed with Arista Records marking a defining fifteen-year chapter in the star-studded career of the Lifetime Achievement and multi-Grammy-winning songstress, celebrated here with this first-of-its-kind box set of her 159 recordings for the label. Included are 29 bonus tracks, with nine of the twelve albums as expanded editions of the original Arista LPs, with remastering by Nick Robbins. The deluxe 64-page booklet, with artwork by Roger Williams, includes detailed essays on each album by Soul Music Records' founder David Nathan. Also included are quotes from Dionne, Clive Davis and producer Steve Buckingham.

    • Disc 1, Dionne (1979): An expanded edition with three bonus tracks left over from the early 1979 sessions.

    • Disc 2, No Night So Long (1980): An expanded edition with nine bonus tracks (two of which were originally released on Dionne’s third Arista set and a number of which were planned for inclusion on that LP but shelved) as well as the rare b-side, "This Time Is Ours."

    • Disc 3, Hot! Live & Otherwise (1981): Expanded edition with two bonus live tracks ("Touch Me In The Morning" and "Welcome To My World") along with CD debut of the live version of "We Never Said Goodbye."

    • Disc 4, Friends In Love (1982).

    • Disc 5, Heartbreaker (1982): Expanded edition with a demo duet with Barry Gibb of "Let It Be Me."

    • Disc 6, How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (1983), released in Europe as So Amazing: Expanded edition with a dance mix of "Got A Date."

    • Disc 7, Finder Of Lost Loves (1985): An expanded edition with five bonus tracks including the original Dionne & Luther duet from the US television series of the same name (a musical reunion with Burt Bacharach).

    • Disc 8, Friends (1985).

    • Disc 9, Reservations For Two (1987), with three bonus tracks including "Take Good Care Of You And Me" with Jeffrey Osborne and "Who’s Counting Heartaches" with Johnny Mathis.

    • Disc 10, Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter (1990).

    • Disc 11, Friends Can Be Lovers (1993): An expanded edition with three bonus tracks including the 1989 charted single "I Don't Need Another Love," duet with The Spinners, and "A True Love," Dionne's duet with French music legend Sacha Distel.

    • Disc 12, Aquarela Do Brasil (1994): An expanded edition with five bonus tracks not included on the original critically-acclaimed album.

    1. Who, What, When, Where, Why
    2. After You
    3. The Letter
    4. I’ll Never Love This Way Again
    5. Déjà Vu6. Feeling Old Feelings
    7. In Your Eyes
    8. My Everlasting Love
    9. Out Of My Hands
    10. All The Time

    11. Never Gonna Let You Get Away (Solo)
    12. The Last One To Be Loved
    13. Never Gonna Let You Get Away (Duet with Barry Manilow)


    1. Easy Love
    2. No Night So Long
    3. It's The Falling In Love
    4. When The World Runs Out Of Love
    5. We Never Said Goodbye
    6. How You Once Loved Me
    7. Reaching For The Sky
    8. Sweetie Pie
    9. Somebody's Angel
    10. We Had This Time

    11. Even A Fool Would Let Go
    12. Dedicate This Heart
    13. Now That The Feeling's Gone
    14. Starting Tomorrow
    15. This Time Is Ours
    16. Only Heaven Can Wait For Love
    17. Right Back
    18. When The Good Times Come Again
    19. This Is What I've Wanted All My Life


    1. What Your Won't Do For Love/In The Stone
    2. Don't Make Me Over
    3. Alfie
    4. One In a Million You
    5. Touch Me In The Morning (Live) BONUS TRACK
    6. Welcome To My World (Live) BONUS TRACK
    7. Hit Records Medley: Walk On By/Anyone Who Had a Heart/You'll Never Get To Heaven/A House Is Not A Home/Message To Michael/Trains And Boats And Planes/The Look Of Love/Close To You/Do You Know The Way To San Jose?/Valley Of The Dolls/There's Always Something There To Remind Me/Make It Easy On Yourself/Promises, Promises/What The World Needs Now Is Love/Then Came You
    8. Déjà Vu
    9. Easy Love
    10. No Night So Long
    11. We Never Said Goodbye
    12. I'll Never Love This Way Again
    13. There's A Long Road Ahead Of Us
    14. Some Changes Are For Good
    15. Now We're Starting Over Again


    1. For You
    2. Friends In Love – Dionne Warwick & Johnny Mathis
    3. Never Gonna Let You Go
    4. Can't Hide Love
    5. Betcha By Golly Wow
    6. More Than Fascination
    7. Got You Where I Want You – Dionne Warwick & Johnny Mathis
    8. With A Touch
    9. What Is This
    10. A Love So Right


    1. Heartbreaker
    2. It Makes No Difference
    3. Yours
    4. Take The Short Way Home
    5. Misunderstood
    6. All The Love In The World
    7. I Can't See Anything (But You)
    8. Just One More Night
    9. You Are My Love
    10. Our Day Will Come

    11. Let It Be Me (Demo) [Duet with Barry Gibb]


    1. Got A Date
    2. So Amazing
    3. I Do It 'Cause I Like It
    4. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye – Dionne Warwick & Luther Vandross
    5. What Can A Miracle Do
    6. Two Ships Passing In The Night
    7. I Can Let Go Now
    8. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

    9. Got A Date (Special Remix)


    1. No One In The World
    2. Without Your Love
    3. Run To Me (Duet with Barry Manilow)
    4. Finder Of Lost Loves – Dionne Warwick & Glenn Jones
    5. Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    6. It's You (Duet with Stevie Wonder)
    7. It's Love
    8. Bedroom Eyes
    9. Weakness (Duet with Stevie Wonder)
    10. You Made Me Want To Love Again

    11. Broken Bottles
    12. Dangerous
    13. No One In The World (Alternative Version)
    14. Bedroom Eyes (Alternative Version)
    15. Finder Of Lost Loves – Dionne Warwick & Luther Vandross


    1. That's What Friends Are For – Dionne & Friends (Featuring Elton John, Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder)
    2. Whisper In The Dark
    3. Remember Your Heart
    4. Love At Second Sight
    5. Moments Aren't Moments
    6. Stronger Than Before
    7. Stay Devoted
    8. No One There (To Sing Me A Love Song)
    9. How Long?
    10. Extravagant Gestures


    1. Love Power – Dionne Warwick & Jeffrey Osborne
    2. Close Enough
    3. You're My Hero (Duet with Smokey Robinson)
    4. In A World Such As This
    5. Another Chance To Love – Dionne Warwick and Howard Hewett
    6. Reservations For Two – Dionne & Kashif
    7. Cry On Me
    8. Heartbreak Of Love – Dionne Warwick & June Pointer
    9. For Everything You Are
    10. No One In The World

    11. Walk Away
    12. Take Good Care Of You And Me – Dionne Warwick & Jeffrey Osborne
    13. Two Strong Hearts – Johnny Mathis with Dionne Warwick


    1. Night And Day
    2. I Love Paris
    3. I Get A Kick Out Of You
    4. What Is This Thing Called Love/So In Love (Medley)
    5. You're The Top
    6. I've Got You Under My Skin
    7. Begin The Beguine
    8. It's Alright With Me
    9. Anything Goes
    10. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
    11. All Of You
    12. I Concentrate On You
    13. Just One Of Those Things
    14. Night And Day (Jazz Version)


    1. Sunny Weather Love
    2. Age Of Miracles
    3. Where My Lips Have Been
    4. Friends Can Be Lovers
    5. Love Will Find A Way (with Whitney Houston)
    6. Much Too Much
    7. Til The End Of Time
    8. The Woman That I Am
    9. Fragile
    10. I Sing At Dawn

    11. A True Love (Duet with Sacha Distel)
    12. Who's Counting Heartaches (Duet with Johnny Mathis)
    13. I Don't Need Another Love (with The Spinners)


    1. Jobim Medley: Retrato Em Branco E Preto (Variation)/How Insensitive/Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars/Wave/Waters Of March
    2. Virou Areia
    3. Oh Bahia
    4. Piano Na Mangueira
    5. Captives Of The Heart
    6. Samba Dobrado
    7. Heart Of Brazil
    8. N’Kosi Sikelel'i – Afrika/So Bashiya Bahlala Ekhaya
    9. Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil)
    10. Caravan
    11. Flower Of Bahia
    12. 10,000 Words

    13. To Say Goodbye (with Edu Lobo)
    14. Love Me
    15. Lullaby
    16. Bridges (Travessia)
    17. Rainy Day Girl (with Ivan Lins)
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    Thanks for the info. Even though I have all of these cds, it will be nice to have the set. Plus David Nathan always writes very informative notes.

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    You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!! Giving an old man a heart attack on a cold and foggy Friday afternoon! Of course the real pain may come when we see a price tag for this package!

    As reese just said, I already have just about everything on here but it will still be nice to have it all in one comprehensive package. As I have often mentioned on here, I am in the minority when it comes to preferring Dionne's Arista material over her earlier stuff, so this will be a delight for me to have.

    You have to admit that she has received some incredible re-issue treatment from all her labels and even though this might pretty much wrap up her recording output, I hope this is a sign that other artists will continue to receive this kind of respect, even if their careers are winding down or over. Keep those CDs coming and of course as I have said before, keep making cars with CD players in them!!!

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    I was so caught up in reading the excellent description of this set that I did not notice the price. Would you guys guess that would come out to around $80-90 in US funds? If so, that sounds manageable.

    Also will this only be available through that one source or will it show up on Dusty Groove, Import CDs and other sources so that one can compare prices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviddesper View Post
    I was so caught up in reading the excellent description of this set that I did not notice the price. Would you guys guess that would come out to around $80-90 in US funds? If so, that sounds manageable.

    Also will this only be available through that one source or will it show up on Dusty Groove, Import CDs and other sources so that one can compare prices?
    If I converted correctly, the price was 49 pounds which ends up being about 64 dollars. That seems cheap for 12 cds though.

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    I love all of these CDs and have them already. But not all of the bonus tracks. I don't think $60 is too much if Dionne gets any royalties on this collection. She just celebrated her 79th birthday and still has an extensive touring schedule in front of her.

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    Hmmm interesting. Thanks for sharing! I always thought it was unfortunate that no one has done a box set on Dionne and now she's finally getting one...and my favourite era, the Arista years. I'm curious how this set will be packaged ...likely individual cardboard slipcases of the original album artwork? I'm also curious if there are other unreleased tracks from the Arista era or if this is it? I thought there were more outtakes from Heartbreaker. I'll have to go over the tracklisting in more detail to see what bonus tracks haven't been released yet..as the bonus stuff on the Brazil album came out on Tropical Love and some others on the PBS exclusive cd. Nice to see everything gathered together and may be worth it for the remastering and price tag alone!

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    I see that this collection is being marketed in all the usual places, not just by Cherry Red. I have seen prices anywhere from $49.00 US to over $100.00. So as the time gets closer, let's work together and keep one another informed on where the best prices are found.


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