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    Assigned to...but not recorded.

    There are numerous tracks that were assigned to Diana and the Supremes but never had vocals added to...well there is a new one...on the Blinky set just released she covers the track "You'll Never Cherish A Love So True" and in the liner notes it says this track was assigned to The Supremes...cut in February 1968..well if Diana and the Supremes had recorded this it would have been another corker...the backing track is absolutely stunning...it amazes me how tracks like this were given to others when initially assigned to The Supremes yet the girls added vocals to such sub par songs such as "The Composer" etc...I dont get it...can someone explain please.

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    it could be that the producers didn't want to just sit on the backing track. I'm pretty sure the producers paid for the initial sessions and were then reimbursed once assigned to and recorded by a group. Plus producers probably figured their song was super hot and wanted to get a vocal on it ASAP. And at the time, no one knew what would come next. In Feb 68 the Sups were still dealing with the departure of Flo and HDH, Forever Came Today had only just been released (but wouldn't do much). maybe DRATS wouldn't be a major success as they had been as the Supremes? and maybe Blinky would be the next mega star

    at that point, anything was still possible

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    I'd have to look but I think the track was mentioned in Mary Wilsons book. I do sort of wish the Supremes would have recorded more material but then again, when would they have time to eat and sleep?....LOL

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    I'd known about this track being assigned to Diana Ross and The Supremes and the track having been recorded in February 1968, but it had never turned up on bootleg or whatever. I figured it was left without vocals. Now, it turns out that it was given to Blinky to finish! Just one question for everyone as I haven't yet gotten my Blinky set (though due to arrive tomorrow!): is this song the same one that was recorded by The Vells (verrrry early Martha and The Vandellas) in 1962 and written by Berry Gordy? Or a completely new song?

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    Danman...yes its the same track but its given a complete makeover.

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    This song recorded originally by The Vells, lead vocals by Gloria Williamson. The song would up-dated for Blinky in the music style of 1968, very good.

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    Thanks, Mowsville and FFF!

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    The Blinky set also has a track on it assigned to Diana Ross called "One Half of Love". It sounds as if it would have been perfect for her.

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    yes thats right 144man..it was written by Deke Richards around the time of Diana's "Everything Is Everything" album so I would imagine it would have been for that album had Diana put vocals to it.

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    In the Hollands' book, at the end there's a section that extensively lists their productions, along with any cover versions recorded. There's a song in it recorded by the Tempts and the Supremes are listed as having recorded it. I recall reading that and being unfamiliar with the song. I also wasn't sure if it was the 60s Supremes or the 70s Supremes who covered it. I'll have to look it up again.

    There's also a mention of "Darling Baby". I know in Mary's book she has it listed in the itinerary, which we all now know was often information gleamed from Motown notes, which might list a song being assigned to the Supremes but not recorded by them. The Supremes are listed in the artists who have a version of the song. Whether or not that's information from the same source Mary used or if the Hollands remember the Supremes recording it (and as yet not found?) remains to be seen. But I for one would think it's a shame that the Supremes never recorded "Darling Baby", the same as not initially recording "Heaven Must Have Sent You", until that bland DRATS version with Cindy.


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