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    Fav non-single track per album

    ok - let's do a list

    what's your fav non A-side single per album? 1 song each

    Meet the Supremes - Time Changes Things
    Where - long gone lover
    More hits- I'm so glad heartaches don't last
    Symphony - wonderful wonderful
    A Go Go - this old heart
    HDH - going down third time
    Reflections - misery makes it's heart
    Love child - evening train
    sunshine - discover me
    join tempts - try it baby
    together - why must we fall in love
    Cream - beginning of the end
    right on - loving country
    new ways - together we can make
    mag 7 - for your love
    touch - here comes the sunrise
    return of mag 7 - i'm glad about it
    dynamite - melodie
    floy joy - now the bitter
    jimmy webb - 5:30 plane
    sup 75 - can't stop a girl
    HE - only you
    MS&S - sweet dream machine

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    I would agree with most of your choices do I will post ones that differ from yours.
    More hits.im in love again
    Country.it makes no difference.
    Sam cooke.shake.
    Symphony.hes all I got
    Reflections.im gonna make it
    Love child keep an eye but several here.
    Sunshine.let the music play.
    Cream.u gave me love.cant u see it's me.
    Right on.but I love you more.
    New ways.shine on me.
    Mag .stoned soul picnic.
    Supremes.color my world blue

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    Ready to make a playlist out of these.

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    Time Changes Things (MTS)
    Your Kiss of Fire (WDOLG)
    Who Could Ever Doubt My Love (MHBTS)
    Any Girl in Love (IHAS)
    Shake Me, Wake Me (SAGG)
    Going Down for the Third Time (TSSHDH)
    I'm Gonna Make It (R)
    Then (DRATSJTT)
    How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone (LC)
    Discover Me (LTSI)
    Why (T)
    The Beginning of the End (COTC)
    Wait a Minute Before You Leave Me (RO)
    Baby, You've Got What It Takes (TMS)
    I Wish I Were Your Mirror (NWBLS)
    I'm Glad About It (TROTMS)
    Johnny Raven (T)
    Do You Love Me Just a Little, Honey (D)
    Over and Over (FJ)
    Cheap Lovin' (TSPAABJW)
    Early Morning Love (TS)
    You're What's Missing in My Life (HE)
    You Are the Heart of Me (MSAS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviddh View Post
    Ready to make a playlist out of these.
    good idea!!

    some posters on here have listed out some of their pics for alt versions of lps. i've made those into playlists too. fun to hear the different approaches

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    Meet the Supremes - Baby Don't Go
    Where - Long Gone Lover
    Liverpool - A Hard Day's Night
    Country - Sunset
    Sam Cooke - Ain't That Good News
    More Hits- Ask Any Girl
    Christmas - Little Bright Star
    Symphony - Any Girl In Love
    A Go Go - These Boots Are Made For Walking
    HDH - (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
    Rodgers & Hart - Falling In Love With Love
    Reflections - Bah-Bah-Bah
    Funny Girl - His Love Makes Me Beautiful
    Love Child - Keep An Eye
    Sunshine - Hey Western Union Man
    Join Tempts - Funky Broadway
    Together - For Better Or Worse
    Cream - Beginning Of The End
    Right On - Wait A Minute Before You Leave Me
    New Ways - It's Time To Break Down
    Magnificent 7 - Baby (You've Got What It Takes)
    Touch - Have I Lost You
    Return Of Magnificient 7 - What Do You Have To Do (To Stay OnThe Right Side Of Love)
    Dynamite - Love The One You're With
    Floy Joy - Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet
    Jimmy Webb - I Keep It Hid
    Supremes 75 - Bend A Little (am I allowed that one!)
    High Energy - High Energy
    M S & S - Sweet Dream Machine


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