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    Chris Clark's I Want To Go Back There Again

    The record is my current Motown 'squeeze', so much so I finally bought the VIP label release of it (a 'near mint' copy that really is for once, by the way).
    The song is written and produced by Berry Gordy, of course, according to the label of my single and, which I always assumed it was.
    Playing it I got to listening to the lyrics a little more closely. And I thought to myself, surely these don't sound like something Gordy would have written (not sure why I thought this, but I did)
    I recently heard an interview with Chris in which she mentioned songwriting as well as singing at Motown, which I wasn't aware of.
    Anyway I checked with Don't Forget the Motor City in order to see where the song was recorded - and guess what Chris is now credited with writing the song along with Gordy. So I guess they're her lyrics!
    Any way it's a great record...

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    It is a great one, I agree entirely. I love the Soul Sounds lp. Great stuff.

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    I love this song! I can see Chris writing it... I can hear it in her singing.

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    Exactly Tom. I know men can write Ďloveí lyrics (Nick Ashford and Gerry Goffin anyone?), but these definitely seem like a woman wrote them. And to me Berry doesnít seem like someone with much of a sensitive side!!
    Iíve never heard this at a soul/Motown nite, but itís on my playlist for next Saturday

  5. Here's some more about Chris and her 1967 Sunday at the Saville in London:


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