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    "He's All I Got" - The Supremes

    Who is singing the high background vocal?

    Is it Flo, Mary or the Andantes? Love this song. Tempo seems to be too jumpy and the verse "He's All I Got" should have been more pronounced. It sounds better when played loud.Still, I like it.

    We're there any transcribed comments at the Motown Quality Control Meetings?

    Since juvenile fans were not allowed in the Quality Control Meetings, I should have sent Berry Gordy a postcard about this.

    I wonder if he remembers the postcard I mailed to Motown, regarding my opinion of the B side of "Stop in the Name of Love!", "I'm in Love Again". This juvenile Motown fan believed that "IILA" should have been released as a single. After all these years, I never got a reply-yet I forgave Mr.Gordy- he probably was too busy getting ready for Hollywood!

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    IMO, background vocals by Florence (soprano) and Mary (alto), no Andantes.

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    agreed - this track is just DMF

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    loved this! LILAIIMH was the 2nd single I was given 2nd hand at 7 yrs old...the first being the Happening. I subsequently flipped every single over because I loved both B sides.

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    I always loved the song.
    Listen to this alternate version if you haven't yet:

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    for the IHAS album, all of the tracks are DMF except Any Girl In Love. That track was previously assigned to Kim Weston and the Andantes did the background vocals. for the IHAS version, they simply removed Kim's lead and did Diana's

    the girls recorded the title track in late September. Diana's vocal was cut on 9/29 and the single was released on 10/6. we don't have the recording dates for background vocals. And in the Andantes book, it's said one of the Andantes (was it Louvain maybe?) joined M and F in the studio to do the backgrounds

    The girls then spent between 11/29 and 12/2 in the studio and completed most of the remaining album. these tracks do not feature the Andantes
    Stranger in paradise
    Unchained melody
    With a song
    without a song
    Wonderful wonderful
    lovers concerto
    all of a sudden my heart sings
    my world is empty
    everything is good about you

    He's all i got was recorded earlier. supremes vocals on 5/3/65

    There were are few more MOR songs intended to be recorded but not completed at the time: Michelle, More, This is the night, here i am along in life. Michelle and More did turn up a year later. not sure if the tracks were the ones prepared in 65 or were redone in 66.

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    Another great album track worthy of being a single. I listen to this and the alternate a lot.

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    Sup fan
    Thanks for info.
    Great album. Really grateful for the expanded editions.
    Love the stereo mixs

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    Always thought this was a standout track from this album

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