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    Barbara Mason - Is it me [[extremely rare clip)

    Not sure if posted in the right forum but thought that this clip of Barbara Mason performing - is it me maybe of interest to some on here!

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    Never enough Barbara 'Lady Love' Mason, and I've not seen this before; great find!

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    Where the Action Is.....wow, I don't remember this episode, love Barbara Mason. Thanks for posting.

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    Very cool,never saw this clip but thanks for posting it,looks like from[1965]barbara mason forever!

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    I love seeing these old clips from the 60s. We use watch "Where the Action Is" after school either before or after "Dark Shadows".
    I can't remember now which came on first in the afternoons. LOL!

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    Barbara Mason is hugely talented and gets nowhere near the exposure or recognition she deserves. She truly has it all. In addition to her unique and distinctive voice, she has always been a brilliant composer. If you don't know it, I recommend you listen to her Transition album on Buddha. She wrote eight out of the nine tracks and it was arranged by Bobby Eli, Norman Harris and Richard Rome. [[Her husband Jimmy Bishop produced it).

    I think it is the quintessential Philly Sound album and it has endured since 1974, still sounding fresh and dynamic.
    You can hear the full album here..

    And the lyrics for each song here.... https://genius.com/albums/Barbara-mason/Transition

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