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    Jackie Moore has passed.


    She was 73. No details as of yet. RIP to an Unsung legend.

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    This is very sad news. I enjoyed many of her recordings and not too long ago, I read the great profile on her in the book FLORDA SOUL. R.I.P.

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    "This Time, Baby" was the hit of my birthday party last spring. It amazes me how it is not better known but everyone loves it on first listen.

    RIP to Jackie Moore

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    ah shucks .

    RIP Jackie Moore.

    At the time, had no idea I was listening to another work from TSOP , just knew it was a song I really liked. That voice especially did it.
    Arranged by Richie Rome ...who'd soon bring us The Ritchie Family

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    I always loved Jackie's "Both Ends Against The Middle" and, of course, "This Time Baby", which was a true masterpiece of Disco. May you rest in peace, Jackie, along with your fellow Philly Soul stars.

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    Aw, man. Another legend gone. Rest well, Miss Moore; well done.

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    I am so sorry to hear of this sad news. She was a very talented singer, and her records have brought me much pleasure over the years. May she r.i.p.

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    RIP Jackie.

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    So very sorry to hear about Jackie Moore. RIP.

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    Another legend gone. Have heard nothing in recent times about her. I especially love her version of HELPLESS. A classic. RIP.

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    Oh man I loved her music, her voice. She was relatively young. Rest in peace Jackie! Thank you!


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    I loved this song by Jackie:

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    From Hy Lit's Show:

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    One her biggest hits and hottest records of 1979:

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv2 View Post
    One her biggest hits and hottest records of 1979:

    Perfect record, vocal delivery by Jackie being the capper. Most of us probably know this , THIS TIME BABY was a missed hit opportunity for The O'Jays who first did it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogiedown View Post
    Perfect record, vocal delivery by Jackie being the capper. Most of us probably know this , THIS TIME BABY was a missed hit opportunity for The O'Jays who first did it:

    I knew that, but much as i loved the O'Jays i always preferred Jackie's version which seemed to have that extra something that the O'Jays version perhaps lacked. It just got under my skin and seemed to flow effortlessly whether i was on the dance floor or listening at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marv2 View Post
    From Hy Lit's Show:

    Thanks for posting this. Hard soul music...never get enough of it...RIP, Jackie, you had your own voice and lots of us heard and loved it....

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    Jackie moore was one of the best soul singers ever,[something in a look]is a killer as is most of her material-r.i.p.

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    I first heard of Jackie Moore in early 1971 with Precious, Precious and bought the 45. I still enjoy that song. RIP Jackie.

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    Very sorry to hear of Jackie's passing. Don't know a whole lot of her work beyond "This Time Baby" but I need to check more of it out.

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    This gem is my earliest radio memory of Miss Moore; choon!

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    From 1980 with Blue from the Manhattans:

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    Rest In Peace, Jackie Moore, a fabulous, soulful singer. Jackie made us Floridians proud!The first 45 I bought by her was "Here I Am" on Shout Records, then she had hits on Atlantic esp "Precious Precious" & "Sometimes Its Got To Rain". If you get a chance hear "Make Me Feel Like A Woman" On Kayvette, a TK Distrubuted label.

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    My favorite album by Jackie Moore is "Make Me Feel Like A Woman", produced by Brad Shapiro and recorded down South.

    You can listen to the full album here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjx6...KBSvrUgpZ0Oukw

    RIP Jackie you'll never be forgotten.

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    Kayvette was owned by Brad Shapiro & Millie Jackson.


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