Hello all, and thank you for your time. Im desperately trying to identify an old tv show I remember watching on channel 62, which i BELIEVE was WWJ-TV at the time. I distinctly remember watching it in the early 90s, 1990-1992. I do not know if this was a stand alone show, or just a segment of a larger tv show. It had its own edited intro video, featuring a rock band, and a funky keyboard visual. So it had some production value. I only have a few screen caps i was able to find on the internet. Its titled "entertainment spotlight". And seen in the introduction video, is what seems to be the host. There was some incredibly good music performances on there featuring some wonderful detroit artists. I was young and my memory of it is so hazy. I would love to find the name of this show, or any of the footage. Thank you for any info and bless.
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