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    Last Dance Labelle

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MOy6NO_QxJw Never heard this before. My oh my!

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    They tore that completely up!

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    They sure did. Amazing!

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    No one can tell me that there are singers out there like this today! We had the BEST!
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    Google Pressure Cookin. That was their transitional album before Nightbirds. Nona wrote on most of the songs except three.

    My favorite from that album was Goin On a Holiday.

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    Fantastic song! Thanks for sharing Luke.

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    Luke, I am so sorry you've had to live as long as you have without hearing "Last Dance." I made a CD-R of my "Pressure Cookin'" LP on my standalone Phillips CD recorder @1998 and have never been without it. Discovering Labelle changed my life.

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    Simply wow. First time hearing any of those songs and Last Dance is my favorite. I don't listen to a lot of her material but she does have an incredible voice. I don't think there will ever be another generation of singers like her's: Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Nancy Wilson, Tina Turner.

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    The title track!


    The whole album is epic.

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    Seriously. Anyone on this blog does not know this cut or considers it news?? PC was in many ways Labelle's best LP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceNHarmony View Post
    Seriously. Anyone on this blog does not know this cut or considers it news?? PC was in many ways Labelle's best LP.
    Not too many folks really know about this album or Labelle's previous two efforts before. Many just figured they went from the bouffant wigs and dresses/gowns to the glam outfits (well 1973 was the first time they began to be glam. But Labelle in 1970-72 were more casual, Afrocentric queens in jeans and fur jackets (check out the Moon Shadow front cover and back).

    Few know of their first two albums as Labelle (Labelle in 1971 and Moon Shadow in 1972) but their Larry Legaspi (sp?) outfits featured on Pressure Cookin' started a trend in rock music and the album got something of a buzz from the underground after its release despite being released on RCA.

    Their subject matter was very well ahead for a black vocal group, especially a black female vocal act, hence why labels didn't know what to do with them.

    But yeah Pressure Cookin' is definitely one of their best. I think Nightbirds is their all time best.

    If I had to rank the six Labelle albums, they would go as follows:

    1.) Nightbirds
    2.) Chameleon
    3.) Pressure Cookin'
    4.) Phoenix
    5.) Moon Shadow
    6.) Labelle

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    Nona Hendryx is an unjustly underrated songwriter. Songs like "Last Dance", "...Hollywood", "I Believe I've Finally Made It Home" and "Going Down Makes Me Shiver" -- among others -- would be widely regarded as classics if they'd been written by a man.

    I was really thrilled when she was like the 4th or 5th songwriter inducted into the (David Nathan's) SoulMusic.com Hall of Fame. I was grateful that someone was paying attention.


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