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    Happy birthday Weldon Arthur McDougal III

    A brother of mine was born today.....

    A man's name means an awful lot. There are a lot of things that a man can do to make sure that his name is honorable and when I mentioned the name Weldon Arthur McDougal III, honor definitely comes to mind.

    If you ask Weldon what he was he would tell you that he was a music man and that is indeed very true. Weldon was a singer, songwriter, producer, promotion man, A&R man, find of some of the greatest talent we've ever known. Yes he had a hand in promoting some of the greatest records we've ever heard and he was also the creator of what we now know as the Philly sound. He was also the one who took five young men from Gary Indiana and put them in the right place with Bobby Taylor who took those five young men to Motown and became the Jackson 5.

    I remember him as a man who gave me advice as a big brother, and as the man who you did not call on Friday because Friday was movie night. But you did call him on Saturday so you could get a great review of the movie or movies he did see. I know him as a great father, a loving grandfather, and simply put just a great man. He would have been 83 today and although the physical man may be gone his presence and his legacy is felt forever in the music we listen to and just his presence. So to my friend Weldon Arthur McDougal III happy birthday in heaven I love you I miss you and I know you having a great time up there with all of your friends.

    Your Little Brother

    T.L. Harris

    Weldon Arthur McDougal III
    October 28th 1936 - October 22nd 2010

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    Remembering my friend Weldon on his birthday. Happy Birthday!

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    What a nice tribute TL. Thanks for posting it.

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    Weldon was a special guy who would call me once in a while. I miss those calls.

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    Weldon was posting here when I joined SDF almost a decade ago. It was very nice having Philly folks sharing information here.


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