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I don't often plug my articles much...anywhere... they just live their lives... ...and do pretty well actually, regardless!

...However this might be a bit of a hand-in-glove one for this forum that I just published today, so then, why withhold it...entirely...?

I did a piece with Inkster native Larry Johnson, who has been in several Temptations Revues and is flying the flag for Motown and beyond with an excellent tenor and a pleasant persona on and off stage.

My pieces on this platform ^ are generally on the short side. Not all the time, but a lot of the time... Not everybody are the deep-divers into information about music that you find on this here forum, and I want people to read the pieces before they think about it on ''my'' platform. However, if the articles aren't very wordy at times, they are still normally intel-heavy, and I try to capture the feeling of the interviewee too, in my articles And EVERYBODY on this platform has had to answer the question "What is music?" at one point or another.