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    Al Hudson & The Soul Partners 'Spreading Love/Happy Feet' (Expansion UK) 11/15/2019

    Al Hudson & The Soul Partners originated in 70s Detroit, had an international chart hit with "You Can Do It" on becoming One Way with Alicia Myers in 1979, and continue to perform across the USA to this day. Expansion previously explored the group's earlier years at the ATCO label ("The ATCO Years" EXCDM 50) and now move on to the much awaited first time ever CD reissues of the four ABC label releases across two new CDs. "Spreading Love" and "Happy Feet" were originally released in 1978 & 1979, a heyday year for the quality of soul, disco and funk grooves on those albums. Key songs include "You Can Do It", "Spread Love" and "How Do You Do", but the full body of work has stood the test of time and sounds so good again today. Re-mastered from the original audio tapes.

    Spreading Love:
    1. Spread Love
    2. Small Talk
    3. You And Me
    4. How Do You Do
    5. Lost Inside Of You
    6. Love Me Forever
    7. Dance, Get Down (Feel The Groove)
    Happy Feet:
    8. Happy Feet
    9. Wait And Let Tomorrow Decide
    10. Rock
    11. Call Me
    12. You Can Do It
    13. Another Love Song
    14. Keep Dancing
    15. I Don't Want You To Leave Me
    16. In The Basement
    Amazon USA
    Available for pre-order soon:

    Amazon UK

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    One of my favorite Detroit groups. Thanks Motown Eddie!

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    Looking forward to both of these reissues. Expansion always do a good job with the mastering.
    Thank you Motown Eddie.


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