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    Here's Gary Lewis and The Playboys' remake version of "This Diamond Ring", which, somehow, didn't get posted:
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    Here's Betty Everett's 1964 hit cover version of "It's In His Kiss", titled "The Shoop, Shoop Song", released only a few weeks after Ramona King's regional hit:

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    Here's Ramona King's slightly earlier version:
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    And, Finally, here is Merry Clayton's 1963 original:

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    Here's The Rolling Stones' hit version of "It's All Over Now":

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    Here's The Valentinos' original:

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    Here's Fats Domino's 1949 Boogie Woogie hit, "The Fat Man":

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    Here's Champion Jack Dupree's 1940 original, titled: "Junkers' Blues, about troubles with heavy drugs:

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    Here's The Animals' 1964 hit, "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

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    Here's Nina Simone's original from 1963:

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    Here's Bill Haley and The Comets 1955 hit, "Burn That Candle":

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    Here's the original 1954 recording by The Cues:

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    Here's Bobby Vinton's 1963 hit. "Blue Velvet":

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    Here's Bobby Vinton's 1963 hit. "Blue Velvet":

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    Here's The Clovers' 1954 original:

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    Here's Bobby Vee's 1960 hit, "Devil Or Angel":

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    Here's The Clover's 1954 original:

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    Here's Elvis Presley's popular version of "Good Rockin' Tonight":

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    Here's Roy Brown's 1947 original:

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    Here's Wynonie Harris' 1951 version:

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    Here's Them's 1965 hit version of "Baby Please Don't Go":

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    Here's Big Bill Broonzy's original version from 1935:

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    Here Elvis Presley's popular version of "Crying In The Chapel":

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    Here's The Orioles' 1953 original version:

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    Here's The Crew-Cuts' 1954 hit cover version of "Sh-Boom":

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    Here's The Crew-Cuts' 1954 hit cover version of "Sh-Boom":

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    Here's The Chords' original, which sold much less, but is infinitely better:

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    Here's The Harptones' original 1953 hit, "A Sunday Kind Of Love":

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    Here's an up-tempo later version by The Del-Vikings:

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    Here's Mel Carter's 1965 hit "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me":

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    Here's The Orioles' original beautiful R&B version, which many people who weren't lucky enough to have urban radio stations with some hours dedicated to "Race Music" in the early '50s never got to hear:

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    Here's Ray Charles' 1955 hit, "I've Got A Woman":

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    Here's Freddie Scott's slower ballad version from late 1963:

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    Here's Ed Townsend's big 1958 hit, "For Your Love", which he wrote for Ray Pollard's Wanderers:
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    Here's The Wanderers' version with a spectacular lead from Ray Pollard. By the time they released this in 1961, Townsend had his hit selling for 3 years:

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    Here's Tommy Edwards' big 1958 hit, "It's All In The Game:

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    I wonder how many of you know his original 1951 version:

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    Here's the original label of Gino Washington's 1964 Regional hit, "Gino Is A Coward", which was later, picked up by Ed Wingate's Ric Tic Records:

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    I wonder how many of you remember his original 1962 recording of that song? I like it MUCH, MUCH more than the later, faster version:

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    Here's The Jarmels' 1961 hit, "A Little Bit of Soap":

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    Here's Yvonne Carroll's 1963 version:

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    Here's George Harrison's fairly recent hit ('70s? '80s? '90s? - I have no idea, and no conception of time)(anything after 1965 is fairly recent- e.g. "new" to me), "I've Got My Mind Set on You":

    Ha! Ha! - I had to list the song name to find out who did this remake!

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    Here's James Ray's original from 1963 (the one I bought):

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    I seem to be the only one here now. I hope I haven't driven everyone away by posting too much, and by posting uninteresting choices.

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    Here's Henry Alston's original version of Goffin & King's "Hey Everybody" from 1963 on Canadian Colpix, no less (Wish I had found that back in '63). Have to be satisfied with my US copy:

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    Here's Ramona King's 1965 version: Did Goffin and King ever write a bad song?

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    Here's Richie Havens' 1966 version of Gordon Lightfoot's "I Can't Make It Anymore":

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    Here's our own Spyder Turner singing it in 1967, at his best! A classic, recorded at Ralph and Russ' Terra Shirma Studio- Great backing track by Denis Coffey and Mike Theodore & crew:

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    My favourite version of this HDH song!....

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    Original by Clarence Carter:


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