Watching Hitsville: The Making Of Motown, it was really fascinating to be able to hear a bit of one of Motown's Quality Control Meetings. Hearing the various artists and the singles being considered for release and the various opinions on "My Girl".

I'm sure there are those here who know and could maybe comment on those meetings. Watching that little bit made me hungy for more. I'd love to know what the comments and opions were when discussing other artists like The Marvelettes in particular. I've read Smokey Robinson's recollections of how he had to basically "beat his brains out" to get "Don't Mess With Bill" and "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" released. Apparently, the feeling was that these were a bit too "jazzy" for the group's image. I wonder how they felt with "I'll Keep Holding On" or "Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead"...

Brenda Holloway seems to have been another where the feeling was that since she scored big with "Every Little Bit Hurts", that was the type of song the company needed to focus on.

Looking back, there are more than a few records I'd just love to know what the feeling was when they came up for review. Did the company consider a Monitors record any kind of priority? Did anyone say, "we need to get product on The Velvelettes"? What did everyone think whenever a record by "The Hit Pack" came up for review?

Quality Control Meetings could make for a fascinating book in itself.