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    Which pairing do you prefer, Andantes with Marvelettes, Drats / Supremes or MRATV ?

    IMHO is the combination Andantes and The Marvelettes, because in this combination I can selected the voices, who sings what. Surley I am not an expert and I havenīt the right ears to hear the differences. But Martha Reeves was since 1964 more a solo artist then a lead singer of group, better the lead singer of the andantes/vandellas combination. And the DRATS time was more Diana & The Andantes then the Supremes. The voices selection with The Supremes / DRATS + Andantes and Martha Reeves and The Vandellas + Andantes are for me personelly more difficult. Could this be true that the voices more mixed ?

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    For me it's the paring of The Marvelettes with The Andantes which (IMHO) gave the group a more polished & mature sound.

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    I would always rather hear the original group.

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    Generally not much difference; we’ve known the songs for 50 years

    But some of the 1964 to 1967 Supremes where you could actually here Florence backing Diana were the best songs

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    If the Andantes were the reason for the HUGE transformation the Marvelettes made in their later years, then I would say give them all the praise in the world. As much as I loved them and still do, I found some very early Marvelettes' songs to be almost unlistenable because they were soooo immature. But from maybe 1965 on, they grew up you might say "right before our very ears" and I loved everything from that point on.


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