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    Old news about Temptations

    An old newspaper article
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    Thanks for the nostalgic dip into the past, edafan. The way Motown worked their two top groups -- The Sups and The Tempts, it's a wonder they weren't all hospitalized with exhaustion or worse.

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    I remember these stories. I also when Melvin was shot in a robbery in 1978.

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    What year is the the Soul article, Edafan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulwally View Post
    What year is the the Soul article, Edafan?
    I don't know the year.

    Can someone help us out?


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    Quote Originally Posted by edafan View Post
    I don't know the year.

    Can someone help us out?

    I think maybe 1968. The photo of Otis was reproduced in J. Randy Tabarorrelli's book on Motown. But he misidentified it as having taken place after a minor car accident.

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    This is horrible news! We're they ok?

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    A jet article Circa fall of 71, told of how Otis was hospitalized due to “hemorrhage attack” during a run of shows in Chicago where Paul Williams made an appearance during the final show! Melvin was present though. Maybe he got better in time for the gig, but Otis didn’t!

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    Otis mentioned that he went to the hospital due to his nerves being shot. He wrote that producer Jeffrey Bowen was a tyrant and bully and his abusive behavior during a recording caused Otis great anxiety which resulted in shakes and pain. That was when they were recording Song For You, 1974.


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