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    Motown meets the debates- a parody

    Popped across this parody of the debates meeting the Motown sound. https://youtu.be/rsWQiE4N648

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    I was really disappointed in that none of the candidates, especially Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, did not make a grand appearance at the Motown Museum. It certainly would have been helpful to their campaign and also to generate needed publicity for the Motown Museum. Think of the media coverage that would have resulted.

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    Those four guys held their own, vocally

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    I don't like people arguing over whose going to steal my money first


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    Soulmusic4life, thanks for posting this. I saw it when it aired Thursday night while I was in bed watching Colbert. I told myself I would post it the following morning. I forgot all about it until I was again watching Colbert on Friday night. You Beat Me To The Punch!

    The closed-captioning notes the name of the original tunes but instead of Baby I Need Your Loving it says "Sung to Got To Have Your Loving tune"

    On Thursday PBS was discussing the debates, which were held in Detroit, by peppering their report with snippets of various Motown songs, and one by Aretha, Rock Steady, to close their feature story.

    (As a bonus to my hearing these Motown songs on PBS I heard Smokey's A Tattoo (one of my favorites) while shopping in TJ Maxx.
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    I agree with Ralph....those guys sounded good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    Those four guys held their own, vocally
    They sure did. I recognize the tall guy, but not sure of his name at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edafan View Post
    I don't like people arguing over whose going to steal my money first

    Amen to that!


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