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    Cool daddy o

    Ya know gang,with all this-techno this an that in music today..let's go back to a simpler time when we just hung out under the streetlamps and harmonized or tried to,the fifties and ike was in da house[hehe]things were much slower and music was flowing-from the bird groups-the wrens-the sparrows-the swallows-the robins,and of course the mighty flamingos all singing sweet love songs and plenty of great harmony and there were the car named groups-the edsels-the cadillacs-the pontiacs-the corvairs,teenagers dancing and singing to those classic songs-the birds and bees..the wanderer..just a dancing partner..down the aisle..mr.lee..silhouettes..sunday kind of love..let me in..eddie my love..tears on my pillow..when you dance..forever loving you..great balls of fire,just to name a few...just a shout out to a quieter time and better music!!

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    No Auto-Tune, ProTools, or EDM, ya dig.

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    Can you imagine David Ruffin in a studio singing "I know you want to leave me but I refuse to let you go" 30 times to get the best take before singing the second line 30 times (and so on, until the song is done) so you can take the best takes of 50 or 60 lines until the "performance" was perfect for the record?

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    Don't get me wrong. I love me some old school rap; Fatboys, Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five, etc. But this generation's rap/hip-hop/Trap-Soul-R &B hybrid?! Please please just just go away.


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