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    Pride & Joy - The Marvin Gaye Musical

    Ok, now this looks good!

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    What kind of musical has the actors lip syncing??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Circa 1824 View Post
    What kind of musical has the actors lip syncing??
    I am not sure if they will be lip syncing in the live performances.

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    Would be interesting if this actually heads to Broadway. I'm sure MGIII is working on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnightman View Post
    Would be interesting if this actually heads to Broadway. I'm sure MGIII is working on it!
    He is totally involved in this.

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    He certainly favors Marvin !

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    I'm a little suspicious because in the trailer it says something like "Original Motown Music". I hope that doesn't mean the performers are lip-syncing to the original recordings. As much as I may be the first to point out that the interpreters can never match the original vocalist(s), I always enjoy more, on film or on stage, if I know the performers are actually doing the singing.

    Compare Sissy Spacek's interpretation of Loretta Lynn in "Coal Miner's Daughter" to Jessica Lange's lip-syncing of Patsy Cline in "Sweet Dreams." When Jessica starts to "sing," the whole movie stops while you imagine someone cuing up the tape of Patsy. I always picture something out of "Singin' in the Rain" when Debbie Reynolds had to dub for Jean Hagen!

    That being said, when I saw "Motown the Musical," the young fellow who played the 9 year old Michael Jackson was an absolute phenomenon, and when I looked up the review in the Los Angeles Times they said the same thing, except they were talking about the other youngster who played MJ, not the one I saw! So it seems they had two amazing performers in that role, as one child probably isn't legally allowed to handle a role like that on a nightly basis.

    It's a great trailer though, creates the right amount of buzz. Gaye certainly deserves a tribute musical.
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    Okay, not to worry...they do their own singing. Found this interview online:



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