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    RCA....Groovy Songbirds

    RCA Groovy Songbirds

    CD (Item 916859) RCA (Japan), Mid 60s Condition: New Copy

    $24.99 ... CD

    Sweet 60s pop from RCA Records really special tracks that come from a time when the label was figuring out newer, groovier ways to work with some of its female vocalists including some who'd scored bigger hits in the generation before! The package follows very strongly in the Columbia Groovy Songbirds mode in that it firstly focuses on tunes that have a cool 60s sort of vibe very different than the earlier pop RCA would use in the earlier part of the decade with gal singers, or in the 50s. And secondly, the package features very obscure tracks, even by big names many of which are from 45-only releases on the label. The whole thing's overflowing with great surprises and titles include "The Playground" by Barbara Cooper, "They Don't Know You" by Linda Scott, "I Was Only Kidding" by Ann Margaret, "Summer Sunshine" by Skeeter Davis, "Walking Down Broadway" by Betty Barnes, "But For Love" by The Angels, "If It Hadn't Been For You" by Tami Vincent, "Tell Him" by Suzi Wallis, "Thinking Through My Tears" by Peggy March, "I Can Hear The Rain" by Reparata & The Delrons, and "I Talk To Your Picture" by Lesley Miller. 26 tracks in all! 1996-2019, Dusty Groove, Inc.

    Dusty Groove $10 cheaper than Amazon
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    I saw this one advertised; looks great!


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