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    Brenda Holloway - "Now Look What You've Done"

    A cracking alternate instrumental and the first recorded lead vocal (and also BGs') extended mix from the master, our very own Midnight Johnny, for what would become 'Just Look What You've Done' (Alt title: - Look At Me (See What You've Done) when the second lead vocal was overdubbed and used for the released track (and sounds like used partly on this track) : -

    Love it!


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    WOW..amazing to hear this.

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    I love hearing different versions.

    I was once played a version of "You Can Cry On My Shoulder" where Brenda sang "Put Your Head On My Shoulder".

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    This was very nice. Did they double track Brenda's voice?

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    Interesting to hear how this great Ashford & Simpson production got its start. Some really great alternate and unreleased photos of Brenda contained within this video. Motown, God love 'em, wasted a huge talent in Brenda Holloway.

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    Love this!

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    [QUOTE=Philles/Motown Gary;527791]Interesting to hear how this great Ashford & Simpson production got its start.

    This song was produced by the great Frank Wilson.

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    I was about to say, I think "Just Look What You Have Done" is a Frank Wilson production.

    Its B-Side "Starting The Hurt All Over Again" was an Ashford & Simpson song (produced by Fuqua & Bristol though).

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    Hey Mowest and Tom, thanks for catching that. I stand corrected. And you've got it, Tom -- the B-side's Ashford & Simpson writer's credit is exactly what I was thinking of. Like they say, I was close -- "Right church, wrong pew!


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