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    Almost missed mentioning Denise's birthday!!!

    My gal Denise LaSalle, who I miss terribly, would have turned either 80 or 85 today (July 16th), depending on which year of birth ultimately turned out to be correct. I have eventually come around to accepting 1934 as the correct year, mainly because I think I saw it on a copy of the handout from her funeral and if you couldn't believe THAT, what could you believe?

    The rest of this message might be a question for our old friend Heikki, but do we think there is any chance at all of any further posthumous releases of her music? For example, a comprehensive Malaco collection would be wonderful, meaning a REALLY extensive one. Or maybe Wolfe could figure out a way to get the album that she was working on when she started to decline to still see the light of day. Of course that would depend on how far along she had gotten with it.

    I would also like to see a "Best of Her Chicago Years," (my own title) that would cover the very early songs, such as Love Reputation. Last but not least, considering that she released at least 20 some albums in her career on various labels, you KNOW there has to be some vault material out there.

    Yes I know I am dreaming but I guess I would like to see her get the Phyllis Hyman treatment that took YEARS to complete!!!

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    Happy Birthday, Denise! You sure made some great records in your day like "Man-Size Job", "Now Run And Tell That", and "Married But Not To Each Other". Sweet soul music at its finest!

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    Happy birthday in heaven, Miss LaSalle!

    Who owns the Malaco masters? I pray it wasn't Universal.

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    Hi David!

    I forwarded your question to Malaco.
    Let's hope they'll answer.

    Best regards

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    I hope you have some clout there. I have e-mailed Malaco a dozen times over the years about one thing or another and never get any answer. Even when I sign up to be included on a newsletter list, nothing ever happens.

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    Hi David!

    Still waiting for an answer, but do you have this recently released live CD?


    Best regards

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    Oh yes I have that!!! Thanks.



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