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    Supremes. Heaven must of sent you

    I was just listening to this song .I like Diana's lead but the backing vocals are a bit off at the beginning.at least to me.half way through the harmony kicks in.not a bad cover.not as sharp as the Elgins version but a good cover.needs that Kevin Reeves touch to me .
    Any thoughts

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    Incorrect title - it's "Heaven Must Have Sent You".
    Incorrect forum - it should be in the DRATS forum.

  3. It's a good cover and would have made a nice album cut. It wasn't given that full-blown treatment an A-side would have gotten.
    The background vocals have a nice sort of "casual" and relaxed feel to them, which works out well here; not trying to better the original, just a nice, enjoyable, breezy cover.

    really, after the Elgins slayed the dragon with their original, any other version of the song would sound like an afterthought.

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    Sorry I added this to the wrong forum.i tried to delete it but could not.
    My apologies

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    Not of fan of this version - sounds too Pop and unfinished. Diana sounds okay although I'm not a fan of her saying "beau" in place of "boy" - was she experimenting?! Yes, the backgrounds are weak.

    I've wondered if this might have been a good song for Mary to cover on the A' Go-Go album. I know it was a fairly new release for The Elgins but it might have worked better than Memories for Mary.

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    I love the Supremes' version of "Heaven Must Have Sent You" including the back-up vocals. It would have made a great album track. Would have much preferred this over "Ode To Billy Joe" on the "Reflections" album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Incorrect title - it's "Heaven Must Have Sent You".
    Incorrect forum - it should be in the DRATS forum.
    Is there anything RIGHT about this thread?

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    Nice version of a fantastic song!!!!!!

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    it's a nice cover. diana's lead is sufficient. but it never really builds up to the climax you'd hope for


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