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    Congratulations Toronto Raptors! NBA CHAMPS!!!!

    I'd like to give a great, bit congratulations to the new NBA Champions.......The Toronto Raptors!!!!!

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    Congrats to the Team Up North. Trump is surely trying to figure out how to invite them and they're surely trying to send him a message that says that they speak French in Toronto and don't understand what he's saying.

    But seriously, I'm glad someone besides the Dubs and Cavs won a championship.

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    Toronto Team Up North played great.
    They deserve it.


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    I didn't have a dog in the fight,but toronto is the luckiest team ever,some may not wanna say it but do you really think they would've beaten a healthy warriors team?..oh and they better prey that leonard stays.

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    Okay, Drake. You can leave courtside now. And get on your Jumbo jet/private jet. And go back to your collabs and cookie cutter "music." Maybe you can do a Degrassi High reboot? Hmmmmm...

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    Exactly what does a drake do???

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Exactly what does a drake do???
    Drake, "R&B" rapper from Canada.

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    Nice to see a Canadian team win The NBA championship. But, I'd much rather see Canadian teams being able to win The Stanley Cup. They haven't had much of a chance for that for over 20 years now.


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