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    Did you hear it?

    How many times have you played a favorite song and pow,right there was an instrument that you didn't know was there? Like the keyboard on[girl why you wanna make me blue]as an example,there are many of em if you're listening!

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    Yes,I couldn't agree more. This tends to happen to me when I listen closely to Roger Troutman's productions. He's the master of the talkbox and was one of the greatest guitar players ever.But what's underrated is his enormous talent as a keyboard player. He is the key reason why i'm in love with the sound of a keyboard and if you look at the credits on his projects you'll see how many different players he would experiment with.You get more keyboard players than anything(at least four including himself) and sometimes there were so many parts he would have to mute one or two in the mix, but you could still kinda hear them. The parts would be fantastic, but for whatever reason he felt they wouldn't work or would clutter the overall performance.Makes me want to create brand new 5.1 surround sound mixes to make the keyboards more prominent.

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    Ahh, r&b, you are a wise man..... often, when I listen to a song I haven't heard in a while, I'll find there's an instrument on it that I hadn't heard or focused on before!! This has happened most recently for me when it comes to basslines, something I could barely even recognise a few years ago.

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    I love "Thembi" by Pharoah Sanders. One of the reasons why is because every time I hear it, I find something that I never heard before. I have difficulty hearing high pitches, so often times I can't hear something in a song unless it's turned up, EQed or mastered in a particular fashion, or I'm listening it through headphones. One day, I happened to hear what sounds like a soprano sax that's playing different notes from the tenor that's the lead instrument on the song. It's quieter and easy to miss, but it's like someone dancing freestyle behind two dancers doing a tango. It sounds random and counter to the melody, but it fits so perfectly within the song.

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    Yep,jazz may be the best form to find those hidden sounds.


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