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    Motown At The Hollywood Palace

    Not sure if anyone had posted this already but this album became available over a week ago as a digital only release. Just found it myself :-)


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    This is absolutely thrilling! Thanks for the tip!

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    Thanks aaron, I only bought a sealed album recently as I didn`t think that they would bother with this.

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    Thank you for the heads up! I've been hoping this album would get some kind of digital release. I think there is an interview with Deke Richards about putting this album together somewhere on the forum. Listening to it for the first time, I would say my favorite track is the version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" sung by Mary Wilson, the same recording included on the 2001 Supremes Anthology.

    If anyone is interested in unreleased-in-digital-format Motown material, I tried color-coding someone else's discography (sorry, I can't remember where I found it, possibly here) but abandoned it. Hopefully it is somewhat out of date, please let me know if any of the yellow titles have been reissued on CD or otherwise:


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    Great news.

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    Ok, I am going to be the Donald Downer here. As many of you do, I have the original album which I purchased back in the day. I love a majority of it; however, I was disappointed at the time that album space was, in my opinion, wasted on including those tracks which were obviously not live such as "Some Day, We'll Be Together" and even, again in my opinion, the Jackson Five "I Want You Back". I even recall seeing both of these performances on the television broadcast, and even my young ears knew that the performances were must the original record being played. I am thrilled; however, that this is getting a cd release. It's been a long time coming, but darling, welcome home. (woops!)

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    I found the 2015 post by motown01 compiling Deke Richards posts at this forum. It wasn't a conventional interview after all but rather a collection of posts by the man himself: https://soulfuldetroit.com/showthrea...-Deke-Richards

    "Hollywood Palace Album:


    You are partially correct. I sequenced as much of the live material on Side Two. it was like putting together a puzzle. I mean, I had 3-4 sources of recorded material, besides the studio track I cut for 'Can You Remember'. I think I even brought in Mary to cleanup or redub 'Can't Take My Eyes'. Motown wanted this LP to be a quickie to capitalize on the show. They wanted it 'yesterday'.

    Gawd, I hate to work that way. I have the artists images in my hands. I just can't let them sound bad, because of time; unless I'm forced to and don't have a choice. I milked out every once of time I had. In fact when I explained to the 'white collars upstairs' what a train wreck it was, i.e. different performances and sound, etc., I even got an approval to go over budget. Then, I had to bring in the 'Clap Man' to tie the different audience reactions together. That alone, ate up some more of my budget. (NOTE: This is one of the early examples of 'sampling' with a keyboard. Trying to make it sound natural was a real chore, believe me! I realized this wasn't going to be one of my crowning achievements. However, a record of historic performances, even if it's not a perfect example, should always should take precedent and be preserved. "


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