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    Supremes/I Hear A Synphony

    Whats cd or cd's is the alternate version of "I Hear a Synphony" on? The version where Diana does the Oooo's and I think a Oooo Baby during the break. I thought I had heard this verion on the radio a couple of times too.

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    I know it's on the Japanese Quadraphonic version of Diana Ross & the Supremes Greatest Hits, but I know it's on some other compilation too...just not sure which one. Here it is on Youtube:


    I always liked her ad-libbing during the instrumental break. It sounds quite beautiful...it reminds me of some kind of 1940's style of singing.

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    And to think I thought I had it somwhere....LOL. I have been going though all my cd's. I had almost forgot about that version til today.

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    K well, we can definitley exlcude The Supremes Box Set, 2001 Anthology, Uk 2fer, #1's, Love Songs and Playlist Plus

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    When Motown released the I HEAR A SYMPHONY album on a cd of its own, this alternate vocal was included. I believe that it is also on the recent UK 2fer of WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO and I HEAR A SYMPHONY.

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    Any threads on that Japanese quad album makes me smile. I bought that album for next to nothing just cos I liked the cover but I was amazed when I actually played it!!

    I ended up having to go back to the shop and buying every single copy that the shop had and more, and then I had to send most of them to the USA. (Johnjeb ....do you remember when it was...it was donkeys years ago). I remember the postage cost was more than the cost of the record!

    Anyway boys, we have talked about this album so many times over the years on SDF and you clever people might want to do a search through the archives. Now if you do that search, you will see that SDF posters wanted me to put my album on to a cd format and I did that (well , I didn't do it Paul Nixon did it for me). So if you guys want MP3's of any of those tracks, then let me know. But I need to know where to send them.

    My favourite is Love Is Here and Now You're Gone,.....it was decided that Diana speaks "Hi, how are you". Probably not correct but it was an amusing suggestion.

    I hope you know that I'm Living In Shame was a revelation when first heard. I thought it was a completely new song. Young Carlo - you will definitely want it cos I see you're already branching out to Smokey.....

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    Ah I do have it.....Ok so it was also on the #1's cd, but a tad more quiet than I have heard before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theboyfromxtown View Post
    Young Carlo - you will definitely want it cos I see you're already branching out to Smokey.....
    I may be young, but when it comes to Supremes, young I am NOT! I've had the Quadraphonic Greatest Hits on mp3 for quite a few years now. I downloaded it from a soul music blog, so maybe it's your vinyl rip, John? The version of "I'm Living In Shame" on that album was recently released on Lost & Found. I listened to the Quad Greatest Hits recently and noticed a lot of differences I didn't notice before...as some of the songs may sound exactly the same, but they aren't. They are mixed differently, and some even have alternate background vocals (I think this was the case with "Forever Came Today", if my memory is correct?) and some are alternate versions.
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    There is a version that has been played for years on a station out of Norwalk, CT (96.7 FM) where Florence Ballard just takes the song at the end. I don't know what compilation it is from, but they were playing it years before "#1's " collection was released.

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    What do you guys thing Diana is saying in Love Is Here And Now You're Gone?

    When you get a chance, listen to it and then see if it is what I suggested above.

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    The only songs I have from that Japanese Greatest Hits album are "I Hear A Symphony," "Love Is Here And Now You're Gone," and "Forever Came Today." I did have several others that I thought were saved, but they were lost when my last computer crashed. Would love to have the rest of the songs from the album though.

    I always thought Diana was saying "I...I don't like that..."

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    OMG. I feel like I'm at kindergarten. Young Brad is here too!!

    Of course Brad...which ones do you want and where do you want them sent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradsupremes View Post
    I always thought Diana was saying "I...I don't like that..."[/FONT]
    I thought that too, Brad.

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    I sent you a private message.

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    I figured Diana was saying, "I don't... I don't like this," (rather than "don't like that.") :-)

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    Brad, and everyone.

    I'm gonna wait a few more hours and then send them all in one go.....what you dont want, just discard. You might want to compare any with what you've got previously.

    Paul Nixon put them onto CD for me so I wanna thank Paul for being his usual wonderful kind self.

    Young Per from Sweden might want these too. Anyone know what his screen name is, so I can ask him.

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    Bring them on. I've never had the privilege of hearing most of them- it will be a real treat.

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    Please know you could have asked me anytime. I'll be glad to.

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    Will you deliver them privately to me?......you know, in person.....on a silver tray....with white gloves? Oh, I guess the color of the rubber ain't important.......Ha!!

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    I'll do anything
    For you dear anything
    For you dear ANYTHING
    Anything for you

    Shall I wear a tutu and a pair of cha cha heels!

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    I've sent all 12 now lads. Hitsville, my posts to you are slowly being returned so I've asked you to confirm the email address.

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    Can I get in on this please John?


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    You little so and so...!!! You could have told me before I sent them all. Of course, I wil send them to you. Paulie did for me so give him some thanks when you next talk to him

    Let me wait for hitsville to come back to me and I will send them again....email me withthe address I need to use. I might even do them before I get in the tub.

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    PM sent John - thanks.

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    smark21 Guest
    The I Hear A Symphony album is the one Supremes album that perfectly balanced their Motown and Copa sides.

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    It would be great to get the entire "I Hear A Symphony" album in Stereo...as half of it was Mono on the original stereo LP.


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