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    Shaft: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Deluxe Edition june 14,2019


    Isaac Hayes, Shaft: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Deluxe Edition (Craft Recordings, 2019)

    Disc 1: Shaft: Music From The Soundtrack (originally released as Enterprise ENS-2-5002, 1971)

    1. Theme From Shaft (Vocal)
    2. Bumpy’s Lament
    3. Walk From Regio’s
    4. Ellie’s Love Theme
    5. Shaft’s Cab Ride
    6. Cafe Regio’s
    7. Early Sunday Morning
    8. Be Yourself
    9. A Friend’s Place
    10. Soulsville
    11. No Name Bar
    12. Bumpy’s Blues
    13. Shaft Strikes Again
    14. Do Your Thing
    15. The End Theme

    Disc 2: Film score (released in Shaft Anthology: His Big Score and More! – Film Score Monthly Vol. 11 No. 8, 2008)

    1. Theme From Shaft (Film Version)
    2. Shaft’s First Fight
    3. Reel 2 Part 2/Cat Ought Be Here
    4. Bumpy’s Lament (Film Version)
    5. Soulsville (Film Version)
    6. Ellie’s Love Theme (Film Version)
    7. Shaft’s Cab Ride (Film Version)/Shaft Enters Building
    8. I Can’t Get Over Losin’ You
    9. Reel 4 Part 6
    10. Reel 5 Part 1
    11. A Friend’s Place (Film Version)
    12. Bumpy’s Blues (Film Version)
    13. Bumpy’s Lament (Reprise) (Film Version)
    14. Early Sunday Morning (Film Version)
    15. Do Your Thing (Film Version)
    16. Be Yourself (Film Version)
    17. No Name Bar (Film Version)
    18. Shaft Strikes Again (Film Version)/Return Of Shaft
    19. Cafe Regio’s (Film Version)
    20. Walk From Regio’s (Film Version)
    21. Shaft’s Pain
    22. Rescue/The End Theme (Film Version)

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    I wonder if they'll release the album with the FULL unedited version (without the record scratch) of Do Your Thing:


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