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    Information On This 70s Holland-Dozier-Holland Promo LP?

    This vinyl record, does it contain audio snippets of each song? Performed by? How long ?

    I believe there are similar ones for Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder ....

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    Who were they aimed at? Provided to?

    (sorry images are so big and sideways ??)
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    I have this set of albums. The issue was vinyl only and was a platform to showcase the composing abilities of Holland Dozier Holland. The songs are published by Berry Gordy's Jobete publishing house and it was a promotion encouraging other artists on other labels / movie film tracks etc to also record these tracks published by Jobete / Stone Agate, so royalties would be forthcoming. They are truncated versions of songs and actually frustrating to listen to as they do not run their course. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson were also issued as well as Top Ten Sound.

    Click on this link for previous forum discussion...


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    Thank you MIKEW! and for the informative link too... a thread from sixteen years ago! Questions answered!

    Looks like there was one for Ashford and Simpson as well!


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