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    Favorite Reimagined Motown Covers?

    There are a million and one covers of motown songs

    I find that most of them are pretty faithful to originals

    Some are not and some of those are incredible

    Which reimagined, different, unique versions of Motown songs do you like the best?

    I'll start with the Godfather of unique covers:

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    Here's one from Timothy Wilson:

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    I always liked this cover from Vanilla Fudge:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockhartgary View Post
    I always liked this cover from Vanilla Fudge:
    I love Wilson Pickett's version.

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    ...an unusual Motown cover is this one by Eddie Fisher


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    Barbara Acklin's version of "You've Been In Love Too Long" is better than the Vandellas original.

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    I know some may not care for it, but I love the rhythm on this one:

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    This one too:

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    ...and this by Helana Harris

    ...and the instrumental

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    La Fitz kills this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    La Fitz kills this:

    She sure did!

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    Miss Ella also did a fine job with this Marvelettes number:

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    Then there was the big guy, the Chairman!

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    This is nice. Tom Jones with "River Deep, Mountain High"

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    Here does the Miracles "Love Machine"

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    I always like this one by Kim Carnes:

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    Always liked the mellow treatments of Motown classics. A few examples:




    And McCartney's live take on "Hitchhike."


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    She did a great job too!

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    Not exactly reimagined, but Tyrone Davis' version of "How Sweet It Is" really captures the essence of the song (the joy!) in my opinion!

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    Gloria Gaynor's version of "Never Can Say Goodbye" is so definitive I often forget its originally a Motown song!

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    I love The Doobie Brothers' cover of "Take Me In Your Arms"!!!!


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