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    Question: Of the last five years worth of CDs represented on the post, which one, how many of them are actual Motown Company, as in Motown USA, CDs proper?

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    I guess no matter what age I am, I'll always love browsing all the different Motown album covers. Nice work Grapevine posting all this. I wonder how you were able to post them all so easily; when I tried to post philles/motown_Gary's Phil Spector collection of album cover art, the "insert image" kept failing and Lowell didn't know what was wrong.

    Great effort, though, and fun to look at. When I was a kid, I was forever staring at the Motown album inner sleeves and crossing off the ones I had and circling the ones I wanted to buy! I wonder how many hours I spent like that!

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    A Massive Undertaking, Masterfully Done Grapevine!
    As I contemplate this much appreciated labor of love, a few thoughts come to mind. How much I enjoy/enjoyed looking at the album covers over the years as some of you had stated previously. To see visually how there are some series that ended too abruptly for my liking, the Remastered Smokey Robinson Solo 2 fors, the series of 2 for SR and the Miracles that ended with Time Out For/Four In Blue if we are just talking Smokey Robinson. The appreciation of this Forum, for notifying us of the latter releases. Where else would we have known about a lot of these titles being available. The fact that at first glance it may appear that it is the same material being being rehashed and repackaged, to those not on this forum. But for those of us in the know, take the Temptations, on Emperors of Soul, on the Anthology released before it, there were so many unreleased tracks which you would not have gotten on the previous Anthology/Greatest Hits packages. And lastly, how my life has been enhanced by my investing so much in the music that is indeed, the soundtrack to my life, and has paid untold dividends.


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