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    Marvelettes Flo Lead track?

    Wassup with this? There's a listing on Discogs for a FLOS 2 record set from 2000, which is apparently a compilation of post Supremes studio and live recordings from Florence, Lynda and Cindy, as well as a couple of live cuts from MSS. Looks like at the time none of this stuff had seen official releases. (I know Flo's CD wasn't out until 2001 or 2002.) On it there's a track credited to Flo and the Marvelettes called "You Take Advantage". I went to DFTMC to see if there was info about this track but there's no listing. Is it possible that this is a bootleg track that hasn't surfaced officially yet? The other cuts on the album are legit, even if unreleased, so it makes me think the track might, might, be legit. I find it doubtful that Flo ever recorded with the Marvelettes, as her stint with the group was always supposed to be temporary and for touring purposes. But could it be that this was a Flo lead over a Marvelettes backing track, as Motown was sometimes subject to do? Anyone have additional information about this entire album?


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    If I'm not mistaken, this same track was at one time thought to be Flo singing lead on the Rodgers and Hart standard YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME. But it is not Flo or the Marvelettes. It is the Vels' recording of YOU'LL NEVER CHERISH A LOVE SO TRUE, with Gloria Williamson on lead. The first line of the song is "You took advantage of a heart so blue..."
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    Thanks Reese. Well that sucks. I was holding a little hope that it might be an undiscovered treasure. As far as "Cherish", it's the song I mentioned in the Supremes vs M&Vs thread that I do think Flo could've rocked had the Supremes covered it.


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