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    Cable TV Question

    You guys are always so helpful so I'll bet someone can shed some light on this question.

    I have cable through Comcast and enjoy using their DVR service. In fact I had saved quite a few things, including the Dionne PBS special, which makes this question at least somewhat related to our forum. At times I would be up to about 80% or better capacity on my recordings.

    Well today I noticed that the Dionne special and some other things that I had saved had simply disappeared. I most certainly did not voluntarily delete them. Anything that I may have taped in the last month or so is still available for viewing, yet the percentage was much lower. Even though I had about 40 programs taped, it said I was only at 19% capacity.

    So does anyone have any idea what is going on? Did they send out any notice about this change? Why did older recordings disappear? The only thing I can figure is that they greatly increased their capacity for recording, which I guess is a good thing, but why did they delete things that I did not want deleted?

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    Generally, most cable companies have a definite shelf life of some sort for DVRed content unless you take measures to resave the content. The cable company we use gives color-coded alerts for expiration. I'm not sure if Comcast has a similar designation, but it's worth investigating. Hope this helps.

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    Sounds plausible and I imagine it is something that is explained within the 42 page bill I get every month!!! Thanks!

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    No worries, my friend, and happy recording!


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