golden oldie said:
Today 03:35 PM
Hello, lím new here and have questions about the Motown Japanese releases.

Actually, itís about the inserts with lyrics on CDís and LPís. Iím a lyricist. I love singing or following along with the artists when listening to their music. Right now, Iím searching for lyrics for the classic Temptations albums (actually, itís after the David Ruffin era), but to me, itís still classic lol. Can someone please help me with this? The lyrics l seek are for the following albums or just individual songs:

On Broadway (with Diana Ross and the Supremes)

The Temptations Show (DVD version)

Slave from Puzzle People (what actually was Melvin Franklin saying on that one line?)

Psychedelic Shack (lyrics to the whole song)

1990 (full album)

House Party (full album)

Do The Temptations (full album)

Wings Of Love (full album)

Reunion (full album)

The rest are lyrics Iím seeking for the full albums:

Surface Thrills
Back To Basics
Truly For You
Touch Me
To Be Continued
Together Again

Any others, I canít think of and hope no one minds if l inquire about them later.