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    A Couple Questions.....

    I have recently added to my collection a beautiful signed photo of The Supremes. The seller was actually the original recipient and is parting with her childhood autograph collection. I asked her for the provenance of the photo which she provided, but I want to be sure her story is correct as I'm a bit hesitant her memory is 100% accurate as to when and where she received the signatures. I have absolutely no doubt the signatures are genuine, that is not my concern. I have several items signed by the DMF trio and am very familiar with their signatures. I know you never ask a lady her age, but from what I gather the recipient was under 10 years old at the time, so her memories of the meeting and the particulars may be clouded due to being young at the time, and the passing of over 50 years. Heck, I'm 42 years old and honestly cannot remember much from the age of 10!

    At any rate, the lady was the daughter of a ABC executive and was privileged to have access to almost any TV show stage in the mid-60's. She said she was in the wings for the Supremes' appearance on "Shindig!" in 1965 and received the signed photo at that time. She put a question mark after Shindig! as she was not 100% sure that was the show she saw. Here are my two questions. The photo that was signed is the same as the one below. I thought this photo was more circa 1966. Can anyone tell me for sure what year this particular photo shoot took place?

    My second question.....IF the photo is post '65 as I think it is, did the Supremes appear on any other ABC show in 1966? Compared to many other members of this forum, I am still somewhat new to the Motown scene, really seriously starting to collect in 2012. I would appreciate any help with my questions.
    Thank you,

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    This was the photo used on the cover of the Supremes box set. Maybe there is a notation there.

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    I think the photo is more late 1965 or early 1966, by which time SHINDIG! was ending its run. I know other photos from the session appear in the Supremes' 1966 concert program.

    In 1966, the Supremes did appear on ABC's variety show THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE. They were also on THE ANATOMY OF POP but that one was filmed in Detroit. There are probably others as well.

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    Thank you luke and reese. I will take a look at my box set tonight and see if any info is mentioned in the book.

    After your reply reese I emailed the lady. She said that she did go to "The Hollywood Palace" tapings as well, and being as young as she was she only remembers key memories of the time, such as being on the "Batman" TV series set in 1966 and meeting Adam and Burt. (I bought her signed photo of Burt Ward in costume as Robin as well, very classic image!)

    As I said, I do not doubt at all that she met the Supremes and received the autographed photo. I just feel that it was probably in 1966 than early 1965.
    Thanks again,

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    DW I believe that photo is from a late 1965 photo session. If you pay attention to other photos taken during the time (like the sessions in Holland), or performances (like "I Hear a Symphony" on I think Mike Douglas), it's the same hair styles. Whether or not this lady received this autograph in 65 or 66, either is a possibility. I'm nearly 100 percent certain the photo is from 1965.

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    It appears to be from the same photo session as Sing HDH; same wigs, different gowns.

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    Thanks RanRan.....that particular "Symphony" performance in one of my absolute favorites, and yes, they are wearing the same hair styles.

    Even if the photo is from late '65 it would still be well past the Shindig! performance the former owner originally mentioned as attending, which was in late February from what I've read. Regardless, it's a beautiful image to have signed and I'm very happy to add it to my collection!

    I figured I would add a photo of the autographed picture I acquired as well.
    Thanks again,

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    January 8, 1966 was Shindig’s last show date

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    The picture was from 1965.

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    That's my favorite Supremes photo.

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    Isn't the cover of Mary's "Dreamgirl" from the same session?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybrewster View Post
    Isn't the cover of Mary's "Dreamgirl" from the same session?
    It's from the same shoot, I think...

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    Luke, any idea if it was early or late 1965? I did not see any notations in the pink box set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DWSheffer View Post
    Luke, any idea if it was early or late 1965? I did not see any notations in the pink box set.
    I believe that session is fall 1965. It's definitely post Copa and that was June or July.

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    Thanks RanRan79.....so still holds to my conclusion that the photo was not signed at the "Shindig!" performance, more than likely during the "Hollywood Palace" taping.

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    DW ...I will try to check on that for you.

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    I checked DW...it was late 1965.

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    Thanks to all who joined in the conversation, I appreciate all the responses.


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